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Do you want less government involvement and fewer taxes?

Elect Doug Kary
A positive change for Montana



  • Montana is blessed with oil, coal, wind, water, and forests. Industries and services related to these   resources provide good paying jobs. We must push for environmentally responsible development of all these resources.
  • We need to make it easier for companies to start up by streamlining the permit process, limiting red tape and reducing frivolous litigation.



  • Montana does not need to hold over 300 million dollars plus of your hard earned money. You were over taxed to supply a cushion for the Governor a slush fund.
  • I support PERMANENT Tax Relief. The best tax policy is one that is simple, fair and broad based.
  • In the past two sessions I have voted with the majority, and the Governor to dramatically reduce the Business Equipment Tax. I will now diligently work to and avoid shifting of local taxes to home and property owners.
  • You can count on me to oppose all attempts to raise taxes or fees on Montana families.



  • I believe parents and teachers should be in charge of education. Education should be controlled at the local level, by our local School Districts, not by the "ivory-tower bureaucrats, who see Montana kids as numbers to be manipulated. Common core has problems that need to be addressed.


Our Great Outdoors:

  • I support Hunting in Montana as it is our heritage. Hunting, fishing, camping and just being outdoors has been a love of mine since childhood. I have served on the House Fish Wildlife and Parks subcommittee in 2011, and again in 2013 (as vice-chairman).  I believe our Fish Wildlife & Parks needs to listen more to the people of Montana and less to national special interest groups.
  • Growing up, I was taught “you leave it how you found it”. It did not matter if it was a toy the kid next door loaned me or the camp site I used. Just leave it how you found it when you’re done! With this rule we can Produce and Preserve in Montana.
  • Montana has a long history of fighting outsiders who come in to tell us how to manage our land. As far as I am concerned, there is not much difference between the Copper Kings and the Washington DC environmentalist organizations we see today. They both came into this state to push outside agendas. Let’s leave the management of Montana’s lands to Montanan's.



  • I believe the medical system in our country is broken.  The Federal Government undertook the task to provide coverage to all people, while telling us the growing cost to insure you would be less. Obamacare has proven to be a mess! A bad solution is NOT a solution at all. Worse, it prevents a good solution.
  • Let’s keep our doctors outside of the court room and inside the operating room. Frivolous lawsuits take up valuable resources and cause all of our healthcare cost to go up. This is a good solution that Obamacare rejects.